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Miniature Exhibition by Jahongir Ashurov held at Yildiz Sarayi / Istanbul 16-26 November 2009

Jahongir Ashurov was born in 1974 in a village just east of Bukhara. He studied European fine art at the Bencov College of Art in Tashkent. After graduatıng, he studied miniature painting under Shahmahmud Muhamadjanov, a master and historian at the Library of Manuscripts of the Institute of Oriental Studies of Academy of Science of Uzbekistan.
Mr. Ashurov has been painting for more than 17 years and has displayed his work throughout Central Asia. He particularly works in the traditional Bukharan School. Among his works you can see a lot of paintings in Muhammad Siyah-qalam (Black-pencil style or Muhammadi Style). They are painted using less colors and the objectives mostly are given with lines.

Most of his works are based on the stories which include deep philosophy and humanistic points of view. His works has been displayed and sold throughout Central Asia, Bonn, Oxford, Birmingham.

Balbal conceived and curated the exhibition sponsored by IRCICA (Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture).

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J. Ashurov Exhibition Poster

J. Ashurov



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