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Balbal is a name given to Turkic statues (also described as "obelisks" or "stelae") dating back to 6th century. Balbal statues are mostly distributed in the vast lands and steppes of Central Asia -Mongolia, Tuva, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Caucasuses and Anatolia regions to name a few. Most commonly they are depicted as male figures (from 70cms to three meters in height) holding a bird, flower, bowl, dagger or a sword, nevertheless female figures are not uncommon. They are believed to be memorials to the honored dead even though their function is still not completely understood. We see them as representatives of the Turkic cultures spread along Central Asia. They are the protectors, preservers and the watchers of the land. We do hope to resonate their strength in our efforts towards preserving the culture and arts on this landscape.


Balbal Statues


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